LONDON (TIP): Coffee lovers can now get their caffeine fix on the go, thanks to the world’s first disposable coffee machine! The Grower’s Cup system, developed by a Danish designer, works just like a tea bag for coffee and is described as a hybrid between a filter coffee brewer and a French Press.

The system works by simply pouring hot water into the bag offering a pretty neat solution for drinking coffee indoors, The ‘Huffington Post’ reported. “Our coffee bag is to coffee what the wine bottle is to wine,” claim the makers of the system. To prepare coffee with the machine, ground beans are held in a special filter through which the water pours. Once the bottom of the bag is filled, water is held over the beans.

The longer you leave it, the stronger the coffee. “It all started one morning when I went to make myself a cup of coffee and realized I had run out of filters for my machine,” said designer Ulrik Rasmussen. “As I slammed the kitchen draw shut I noticed some tea bags and I started thinking about why there wasn’t a similar product for coffee.

“I cut up a few tea bags and put coffee grounds inside them and found there was some potential for a similar product so I started doing research into it,” said Rasmussen. The disposable bags come in five different types of bean and each bag makes two cups of coffee when using 300ml of water.

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