Paint Them Eggs For Chic Interiors

The art of egg painting and decoration has been around for a while.With a little paint and creativity you can turn your egg into a fun decoration.

1. First step is to drain the egg. Hold it over a bowl and make two small holes in it. Poke a pin into it to break the yoke and now allow the insides to flow out.

2. Dry the egg. Once done, heat the oven and place them in a baking sheet and allow them to bake for about half an hour on low heat. It does not matter if they are discolored; remember they will be getting a fresh coat of paint.

3. Now, plug the holes with light cement or plaster of Paris.

4. To start painting, first go over the eggs with a coat of white acrylic primer. Always use acrylic paint as it adheres to the shell better. Leave overnight to dry.

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5. The next day, paint the design of your choice on your egg. You can do plant patterns, zig-zags and names.

Tip: To make a spray-painted one, hold an egg over butter paper. Dip a brush in paint and run your thumb through its bristles to spray paint the egg. Leave it to dry.

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