Smoking tobacco is both a physical as well as a psychological addiction. The nicotine from smoking tobacco provides a temporary and addictive high to the mind and body.

Regular smokers when they quit experience physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Listed below are methods to help you quit the bud and recover.

Distract yourself

The activity doesn’t matter as long as it gets your mind off of smoking. Focus on your reasons for quitting, including the health benefits, improved appearance, money you’re saving, and enhanced self-esteem.

Get out of a tempting situation

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Reinforce your victories over a craving and give yourself a reward to keep yourself motivated.

Systematically decreasing the number of cigarettes you smoke. Reducing your intake of nicotine gradually over time will lessen the cravings.

Using nicotine replacement therapy or non-nicotine medication also helps to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Join a nicotine support group that will keep you focused on quitting.

Prepare a list of things to do when a craving hits.

Switch to an alternative like a cup of tea or a chocolate whenever you have a craving.

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