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Dear editor:

I read with interest the editorial of professor Saluja and the article by Publy in the Independence Day Special 2015.

The great statesman and Indian ambassador to USA in 1977, Nani Palkhivala, had incredible insights in his book “We, the people.” (UBSPD)

India is a highly developed country with the worst problems of a developing country.

If the corrupt and the inefficient administration is to be tuned up, it can only be done by ministers with integrity, ability and knowledge who are well-versed in the art of management.

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If poverty is to be banished, it can only be done by men of vision and by a practical understanding of the ways in which the wealth of the nation is created.

Dadabhai Naoroji, later known as the grand old man of India, was elected president of the Indian National Congress three times, in 1880, 1893 and1906. It was he who through his well researched book,”Poverty and the Unbritish Rule in India.”, made the world conscious of the evil effects of colonial administration. The colonial administration is long gone but the evil persists.

The greatest natural resource of a country Is its children -President Herbert Hoover.

Are we treating our children right ? We need similar progress in childcare as we have in the movie field (Bollywood) and 5-star hotels. Sky is the limit for India if we follow our Dharma.

Dr. V. K. Raju, M.D., Morgantown, WV

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