Constantly battling a sinus problem and desperate for relief ? Here are some remedies that might help you… – The body requires plenty of liquids to increase its moisture levels, so make sure you drink a lot of fluids
— go for nutrient-rich vegetable and fruit juices.
– Rest and relaxation is important. So, forget worrying for once and just curl up in bed.
– Get as much rest as you possibly can. But if you have to go to work, make sure you have an early night.
– Take a teaspoon of honey — it is a natural antiseptic
— and the juice of half a lemon, a natural source of Vitamin C. Dissolve it in warm water and drink. Opt for herbal leaf tea or green tea as an alternative to normal tea. – Chicken soup is believed to be a good food for colds
— it’s an age-old belief that holds true.
– If you are suffering from a blocked nose, prop yourself up in bed with pillows to help ease your breathing at night. – Install a humidifier in your bedroom to regulate the moisture. This will help reduce mucous drainage and promote nasal relief while sleeping.
– Master Jala Neti — a yoga technique. All you have to do is take in warm saline water through one nostril while bending your head sideways and letting it come out through the other. You have to leave your mouth open to breathe.

Symptoms to look out for
-Nasal congestion with discharge – Pain or pressure around the inner corner of the eye or down one side of the nose – Severe ache in the forehead – Sore throat and bad breath
– Increased discomfort throughout the day with
-increased cough at night

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