Soon, astronauts to enjoy freshly brewed coffee at ISS

The ISS will soon get an espresso machine, allowing astronauts to enjoy hot, freshly brewed coffee in space. A pair of Italian companies in cooperation with the Italian Space Agency have announced plans to send an espresso machine to the ISS by November, which they are calling the ISSpresso machine. Lavazza has joined forces with Italian aerospace engineering company to design an espresso machine.

The new machine will use a capsule system instead of a full ground system and will be capable of making not just espresso, but several other hot beverages. The plastic tube that usually conveys hot water inside a normal espresso machine has been replaced by steel tube, making the unit capable of withstanding very high pressure. They also added multiple redundant systems to ensure continued service for many years to come. The liquid product made by the machine is dispensed into a plastic bag.

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