The journey awakens within, when the songs of remembrance begin, the child of the Father is lost in the Ocean of Love. Holding the hand of the Guide, through the path of confusion inside, tears become pearls in the silence and passing of time. The song of remembrance is sung in unlimited rhyme, the song of remembrance is sung in unlimited rhyme, Dance away, to the beautiful music you wanted to play, dance away, in your heart, in your heart. What is a Spiritual Lifestyle?
Regular daily meditation is the way to build and strengthen your spiritual awareness, experience the natural positive qualities of the soul and achieve freedom from fear. This process is greatly enhanced when your outer lifestyle complements and assists in your spiritual growth. Regular observance of four spiritual pillars, a vegetarian diet, and a balanced routine that incorporates physical and mental relaxation are the elements that comprise a spiritual lifestyle.

Four Spiritual Pillars
A spiritually fulfilling life is based on a foundation of four pillars:
• daily practice of meditation/yoga
• regular spiritual study
• spiritual relationships and fulfilling responsibilities
• the service of humanity

Daily Meditation Practice
Daily meditation/yoga provides the means to explore, discover and reconnect with one’s self and with God.

Regular Spiritual Study
Regular, daily spiritual study provides the right quality food for mind and intellect, the two key faculties of the soul.

Spiritual Relationships & Responsibilities
Through the experience of soulconsciousness others are recognized as spiritual beings and a feeling of brotherhood grows. By transcending the divisions of colour, sex and religion, relationships become more smooth and rewarding. The exchange of respect and spiritual love becomes the basis of interaction. The decision to deal with others’ good qualities means there is no longer the give and take of sorrow, rather an emphasis on acceptance and tolerance. Spirituality is not an escape from life’s responsibilities. You have a responsibility to your immediate relationships—family, colleagues and friends—and it is in those relationships that your ability to apply what you are learning spiritually will also be tested and strengthened.

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Spiritual Service
Finding an appropriate way to use your growing spiritual power and understanding for the benefit of others in the wider community is also a method of sustaining your personal growth. Spiritual service occurs on many levels, including spreading peaceful vibrations into the atmosphere and helping others develop awareness of their own spiritual qualities through good wishes and pure feelings.

Vegetarian Diet
In respecting and caring for our bodies, diet needs deep consideration. A vegetarian diet is especially beneficial in developing the clarity, concentration and subtle focus which spiritual development requires. With an understanding of the power and quality of thoughts and vibrations, we also give attention to the quality of our consciousness as we prepare and eat our food.

Physical & Mental Relaxation
Providing rest and relaxation for the body is as important as it is for the mind. The body will not relax if the mind is not relaxed; however even when the body is injured or ill, it is still possible for the mind to relax. Meditation is an important selfhealing component when one is recovering from physical illness. The timing and extent of physical relaxation activities depends on your personal metabolism as well as your professional and family responsibilities.

However it has long been recognised that the most effective time in the daily cycle for meditation and spiritual development is in the early morning, before the routine activities of the day begin. Taking time each morning to meditate, study and understand spiritual principles and values provides both mental and spiritual nourishment for the day to come.

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