Constant exposure to dirt, grime and sun can wreak your feet. Wearing open sandals in this weather can not only make your feet to crack but also cause tanning. Here are a few ways you can take care of them –

Wash your feet when you get back home and apply a moisturising lotion

Right after you get into your house, make sure that you wash your feet and apply a thick layer of moisturising cream to protect it from getting cracked. Further, the cream will also take care of the cracks that you have already developed on your feet.

Apply a layer of nourishing gel on your feet before you go off to bed.

For those who have cracked heels, it is recommended to use a nourishing gel before you go off to bed every night. Once you apply the gel on your feet, you should ideally wear socks to protect it from bacteria present in the air.

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A pedicure in two weeks is a must. If you thought that pedicure is a treatment that should be done only once in a month, then you’re wrong. If you already suffer from cracked feet, it is recommended that you get a hydrating pedicure done at least once in every two weeks. A moisturising pedicure with aloe vera or chocolate is great for your feet.

Get hold of a feet balm. There are plenty of products available in the market that ensure that your feet is free from bacteria and dead skin cells. One of them is a nourishing feet balm which protects your heels from getting cracked.

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