The Beauty Powers Of Tea

Acup of tea may provide a fresh burst of energy to the senses, but it also has certain beauty benefits.Read on to know them…
Soothe tired eyes Spent long hours in front of the computer? Don’t fret if you have puffy, strained eyes. To alleviate the symptoms, just soak two tea bags in warm water, then cool them and put them over your eyelids for about 15 minutes. The tannins present in the tea work on reducing the redness and puffiness.

Cool tanned skin
That’s right, tea can calm down suntanned skin quite effectively! All you need to do is apply wet tea bags onto the area. Since it soothes the skin, tea bags can also be used to take the sting out of burns.

Treat razor cuts
To ease razor cuts and burns, just put a wet tea bag on the area that is hurt.

Make a soothing mouthwash
Who doesn’t want an odour-free mouth to add to a great appearance? Well, tea can give you that. Just rinse the mouth out with a cup of good-smelling peppermint or other tea mixed with some salt.

Get lovely feet
For some footsie pampering, give your peds a teasoak. Just brew tea and add it to a tub of water. Chamomile tea mixed with Epsom salts makes for a great soak

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