The Right Way

The smaller your ego, the more your potential to become an ideal leader, says Osho The more you are — as an ego — the less you are capable of leading. The less you are, the more you are capable of leading. When you completely disappear, there is only the function of leadership; you are not there.

Vehicle of Force
In fact, the leader will be more there when you are not. It is the ego of the leader, it is the doer, that disappears. When the doer disappears, then the leader is in tremendous spontaneity.

The leader becomes a vehicle, a vehicle of the unconscious forces of the participants. Then the leader becomes a mirror and reflects those depths which the participants cannot penetrate themselves. Then the participant is not really being led by somebody else, the participant is being led by his own unconscious forces, and the leader has just become instrumental in it. Everybody is carrying his own inner searchlight, but nobody is aware of it.

The whole effort is to make the participant aware that all that he’s seeking is already the case, that it is not really that he has to solve problems; the only problem is to understand that he has not to create them. And life is not a problem. To look at it as if it is a problem is the beginning of stupidity.WALife is a mystery to be lived.

Life Is A Mystery
So when the leader is not a doer, he himself becomes a mystery. Suddenly he will feel that when he was there, people were resisting, the participants were in a sort of resistance, because when you are there, the participants feel defensive.

There is a subtle underground fight between your ego and the ego of the participant. He does not want to surrender. Why should he surrender? Who are you? On the surface he may try, but deep down he goes on resisting. Even if he tries, he tries reluctantly, and that dissipates much energy unnecessarily. When you see a leader who is not there at all, immediately the resistance in the participant disappears — because there is nobody to surrender to, so now you can surrender easily.

There is nobody who is going to enjoy your surrender, who will feel enhanced in his ego by your surrender, so what is the point of resisting?

Zero Resistance
The problem is there because you think that if you are not there, how will you be able to lead? You need not be worried about it. Only then will you be able to lead — and the leadership will have such a beautiful quality. It will have no violence in it. Otherwise there is violence — when you look at somebody as being a participant and you are a leader, there is violence. Then you are to interpret, you are to judge, you have to show the way.

He is the ignorant one and you are the know-all; then you have the upper hand. It is you who is going to decide whether he is moving rightly or wrongly, whether he is following the right path or not. It is you who is going to evaluate. The patient is just nobody and you have to put a label on him. You can call him a neurotic , a psychotic or whatsoever you like, and he is just to comply with it. He has no say in it.

When You Are Not
When you are not, you don’t judge.You are not an observer and you have no authority. When you don’t have any authority you help tremendously — because authority is destructive. You are simply love, not knowledge — that is the difference. When the leader is, he is knowledge. When the leader is not, and only a function of leading is there, then there is simply love. Then you go on showering your love.

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