If you have been thinking to renovate your home and get rid of the clutter for the longest time, then this festive season is the right time to start. However, if do not want to spend a lot and still want your house to look organised, then here’s a tip. Just get rid of these five simple things and you can change the look of your living room instantly.

That jumbo music system and stacks of music CDs
That big four-CD-changer music system cum cassette player with four huge speakers covering a complete wall of your living room, might have an emotional value, but it definitely adds to the clutter. Simply replace it with a sleek sound bar that would be hardly noticed but has an effective sound quality, and you will notice that the room looks less cluttered.

You definitely had a romantic evening in mind when you picked up those scented candles. However, they are now lying unattended in various corners coated with loads of dust. Get rid of those candles and buy lights that are easy to clean and can be used for a longer duration. Make sure they are all hanging ones so that the floor remain de-cluttered.

Bean bags
A lot of people buy bean bags to have a relaxed sitting arrangement, however, they are rendered redundant after a while as they trigger back problems. They then just lie there occupying a lot of space and we end up dumping things on it which adds to the clutter. Make way for a smart pair of antique wooden or recliners that will occupy less space and will prove useful as well.

Artificial plants
This is one of the most useless things in anybody’s living room, as they do not add any charm to the room whatsoever. In fact, a lot of feng shui and vastu experts warn for keeping artificial plants in homes as they have some kind of negative energy. Get rid of them as they attract a lot of dust and occupy unwanted space. Invest in real plants instead.

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Miniature artifacts
Not many people can maintain an art-house like interior; as it needs a lot of cleaning. Miniature artifacts and handicrafts definitely enhance the look of your living room and make it look arty, it equally makes your house look dingy and unkempt if they are not dusted and maintained from time to time. If de-cluttering your house means having a clear space, then miniature artifacts need to be got rid off. In fact, a less-cluttered house looks bigger and better.

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