Time to celebrate, honor and respect Guru Nanak

“Guru Nanak remains as vital and relevant today, as the day he left home to become what he became. His message of inclusion, warmth, compassion, justice, forgiveness, principled stance, love of friend and enemy alike, speaks to our world’s most dangerous problems – such as ISIS. Of course, all the Gurus that followed him, none more than Guru Gobind Singh, were needed to “flush out” Guru Nanak’s meaning, message and purpose even as each Guru and their sacrifices, personal and worldly, added much needed nuance to complete Guru Nanak’s teachings.

Is it any wonder that over 1 billion Hindus love, adore and cherish Guru Nanak and his successive Gurus – so much so – that its unfair to limit his loving public and followers, known and unknown, to a mere 25 million self-identifying Sikhs. Just as non-Christians can adore, respect and cherish Jesus Christ, same is also true of Guru Nanak, and by that additional definition, you have 7 billion lovers and followers of Guru Nanak – even if not by rituals. Fact is that God-loving people, of every faith, close and not so close, love other faithworshipers. What is most curious, and a total mystery is when people hate others of a different faith, because they are of a different faith.

This virulent virus of the soul, more powerful than Ebola, mutated over time is best seen today when looking at ISIS. That faith-haters exists, is why our hallowed Constitution has separation of church and state, while guaranteeing freedom of religion – to worship and protect, but not to hurt and kill in name of God. So, like every person of good will toward others, and as one who holds Guru Gobind Singh as a hero, its always time to celebrate,

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