Travelling alone? Keep these in mind

Get yourself a good guide
Start with buying yourself a guidebook of the place you might be visiting. It is wise to do your home work if you are hitting an unknown destination. These guide books usually give you an in-depth knowledge about places to visit, accommodation, travel routes and weather details.

Book your bed
To find yourself accommodation at an unknown destination can be risky. So better book your accommodation before hand, unless you want to be left stranded.

Word of caution
Where ever you might be, a and no matter what, a woman always draws attention. And if you are not from that place, you will stand out if not appropriately dressed. So never be dressed to be noticed while going to a new place. If you are being followed or are facing any such thing, it is better to move into a crowded public place or get into a hotel or restaurant where you can tell the people about your problem. It always helps!

Talk and smile
A warm gesture like a smile has never done any harm to anyone. When at a new place you have no one, you can join in with a family and start a conversation. Such spontaneous interactions are always memorable. If language is a barrier, you can try and communicate with signs. In return you might just get to know their lexicon.

Romantic destination? NO!
Since you are travelling alone and do not have your boyfriend or husband or for that matter your girl gang, popular romantic destinations should be a big no. You will always feel put of place seeing couple holding hands or getting cosy. You have come to have a good time, not to sulk!

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Since you have come on a holiday, you cannot miss a chance to taste the local cuisine and try out something new. It is always exciting to eat and drink something never tried before. And yes, don’t get drunk! And just in case you do not want to take a chance with your stomach, you can stick on to your regular diet and have a blast!

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