Here’s how you can use some natural oils according to your hair texture. Getting that natural lustre and gloss on your hair without leaving a dent in your wallet or going to snazzy salons is what most women crave for. Oiling your hair is that one secret that has been passed on from generation to generation. Be it the hot oil treatment or the various hair masks your granny recommended, natural oils have always been a friend to a woman’s hair.
Thin hair
Using rosemary oil for thin hair is a folk remedy. As thin hair attracts more dirt and impurities, this oil helps in cleansing the scalp. Used to prevent hair loss, rosemary oil is an aromatic oil that helps stimulate hair follicles. It is also known that this oil prevents premature graying. Being high on calcium, vitamin B and iron, this oil also helps the hair with conditions of the scalp like dandruff, oily scalp and brittle or frizzy hair.

Thick hair
If you have thick, coarse, unmanageable hair, olive oil is the best remedy. This oil has a high level of mono-unsaturated fat, which in turn helps dry and damaged hair. Olive oil also helps in strengthening and moisturising the hair.

Fine hair
Pomegranate Seed Oil is known to revitalise dull and dry strands of hair because of the content of punicic acid it has in it. Another advantage of this oil is that it protects the hair from chemicals and environmental impurities.Wavy Hair Sweet almond oil has been a natural remedy for hair for ages. Massaging the scalp with this oil stimulates blood circulation allowing oxygen in the hair follicles. It also helps add shine and lustre to ones hair.

Damaged hair
Avocado oil is rich in amino acids and proteins and thus helps deal with hair fall, dandruff and thinning hair.

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