Trichy rich in heritage and history

From the pages of literature to the minds of historians, Trichy occupies a special place. Here’s a look at all the things that our city can call its very own…

Trichy is a city of a million sounds and sights. From the picturesque banks of Cauvery to the grand old Trichinopoly cigars, from the natural wonder Rockfort to religious shrines aplenty, there’s something for everyone who visits the city…

A 3,800 million year old rock structure with a shrine on top is considered to be older than the Himalayas and is the pride of the city. It is visible for miles around the city and a view from the top, is mesmerizing either by sunrise or sunset.

River Cauvery
The town is on the banks of the River Cauvery making it one of the most fertile regions in the state. A walk on the Cauvery bridge, a dip in the river and some classical music – this would make a perfect outing for most Trichiites.

Trichinopoly Cigar
Winston Churchill has claimed to have a long standing affair with this; Sherlock Holmes has said to have mentioned it in his books and Trichinopoly is synonymous with Cigar in the Oxford Dictionary – that is how world famous the cigar of the region is.

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Grand Anicut
One of the oldest dam built around 2000 years is said to be a symbol of Dravidian engineering. Built by Karikala Cholan, it is used a model for building modern day architecture – probably one of the oldest used dams in the world.

Srirangam temple
The biggest functioning Hindu temple in the world Srirangam, is the sacred amongst the Vaishnavites. The temple is on the island, Srirangam and the mythological stories that surrounds the history of the temple is fascinating.

The Southern Railways
Established in 1890 with its headquarters at the city, The Southern Railways played a prominent role during the British Raj. However, now it has been shifted to Chennai – the Golden Rock Workshop is still one of the three mechanical workshops serving the Southern railways till date.

Natharvalli Dargah
A 1000 year old mosque once an Easwaran Temple – it is the tomb of Baba Natharvalli. It stands as a symbol of how the Trichiites are a group of peace loving people who accept all religions and co exist in harmony throughout the years!!

Lady of Lourdes church
A replica of the Lourdes Church in France is situated within St. Joseph’s Ccollege compounds. Gothic architecture, intricately stained glass panels with its towering spire makes it remarkable of Indian craftsmanship.

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