Activate the right energies by following vastu tips for your main door. Vastu Shashtra begins with the entrance to your house. The main door of any house is the dwelling place Gods and Goddesses. It must be accurately located for the activation of beneficial energies. Select an auspicious day when you want to fix the main door of your house. Divide the width of the building in nine equal parts.

The main door should be fixed from the fourth section on the right side to the sixth section on the left while facing the house. Experts recommend the east, west and north direction to be more beneficial for the dwellers though each has its own benefits. North and west brings wealth in your life, east is all for good benefits and South resembles liberation. Avoid locating the doors in the corners of the room.

And the main door should be the largest in compared to the other entrance doors of the house. If there are two external doors in a building, it is recommended to fix them in a straight line. Decorating the doors with auspicious signs and pictures or Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi brings good luck to the family. It is better to avoid directly facing of the opposite house and the front door must not face any demolished or abandoned property There should not be any underground tank under the main entrance.

Avoid self closing doors which are available in the market nowadays. Instead of wood from Peepal and Coconut, wood from Teak, Honne and Matti must be used for the main door. Anything which brings peace and happiness in your life is good. Apply Vastu tips in designing the entrance of your home and once that is perfectly built according to the rules, it’s a better life that begins thereafter.

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