Ladle stand 

If you don’t have kids at home or a study table where you can place a pen stand, you can use tin cans as a stand for either some of your toiletries, spoons, forks or ladles in the kitchen. Just cut the top off and wrap the can in a jute cloth or a coloured paper of your choice. Then, write what the can holds on the cloth or paper in order to make it appear customized and valuable.

Dessert container 

If you love whipping up mouth-watering cold desserts like chocolate mousse and have guests over often, you could use tin cans as containers for your preparations. If the average tin can is too tall to hold your dessert, just cut each of the cans into half and paint or wrap them with a fabric of your choice. So, when you serve your refrigerator-cold desserts, your guests needn’t struggle to hold the container as the fabric will keep their hands warm while they dig into the dessert.

Speaker set 

If you have two tin cans of the same shape and size, turn them into speakers, stands or holders for your portable mini speakers. While turning them into speakers is a laborious process, using them as stands is a lot easier. Just cut the lid of your tin can, paint it in the pattern of your choice and then fit your speakers in. You could even paint them both with a base colour and draw out notes or sound waves to make the speakers look interesting.

Candle mould/stand 

If you’re into candle-making, just use old tin cans as both moulds and containers. If you wish to place your candle as is, just line the tin can with a generous amount of oil before you pour the melted wax in. Once the candle is set, flip the can and a smooth or ridged candle will slide out, depending on the pattern inside the can. However, if you wish to gift the candle, you could paint the can in a colour of your choice and tie a satin ribbon around it. Let your candle set.

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