One of the most essentialcomponents of a healthyrelationship is trust. Lack oftrust makes one an intruder in his orher partner’s life.And needless to say, the person endsup eating into the other’s space, whichleads to quarrels as the relationshipbecomes suffocating. Instead of beingfond of it, the people in it begin tothink of ways to end it. If you areputting up with such a partner, it’shigh time that you paid someattention to this problem. Instead ofrunning away, sit back, think over itand take the following steps.

Talk to your partner
Find a suitable time. Do not startexplaining things to him or her in themiddle of a fight. It will make mattersworse and the person will never seethe point. Talk to your partnerwhenever you two are in a good mood.Take him or her out — for a walk,preferably and talk about things thathave been hurting you. Explain it tothem that you require space to have ahealthy co-existence in therelationship. Do not be rude. Keepcalm and be composed.

Stop proving things
Most importantly, do not let yourpartner check your phone all the time.If you let him or her do this, theperson will never learn to trust you. Ifyour partner doesn’t trust you a bitand wants to check your phone afterevery fight that you have, realize that the person has severe trust issues. Ifyou want to make sure that yourpartner gives up this habitpermanently then, tell him or her thathe or she has to stop feeling insecure.Know that neglecting them and notloving them will only make matters worse.

Give up the mentality to avenge
You cannot sit and plan revengeevery time your partner is insecureabout you or suspects you. It is sheerwaste of time. Seize the conversationby telling them that they matter toyou. Stop if the are putting up stupidarguments in return. Do not answer.Avoid any conversation for some time

Confrontation is necessary
Do not avoid a confrontation thinking that it might lead to anembarrassment for your partner.Sweeping matters under the carpetdoes not help. Some people evenfollow their partners to feed theirsuspicious minds. If you find yourpartner doing that, confront him or her.

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Do not get frustrated
Often people get so frustrated thatthey tend to prove their partner’ssuspicion true by doing what theyhave been accused of. Do not give up.And most importantly, do not stoopand do this. Be patient and prove thatyou have been accused for all thewrong reasons. The best method tofight back is to not get frustrated andhave the strength to take a stand for yourself.

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