Your Mattress Can Affect Your Health

Amattress has to be cosy and comfortable when we lie on it. Comfort is undoubtedly a critical aspect when it comes to buying mattresses but what about health. Now-a-days, Indians are increasingly becoming health conscious when it comes to food and exercise. But how many of us would have given a thought to the impact of mattresses on our health. To put things in perspective, we usually spend about 7-8 hours (1/3rd of our day) sleeping on the mattress.

When we sleep, our spinal discs rehydrate, recuperate from the strain of the day and regain their elasticity. That’s why it is so important to get a full night’s sleep. While back pain impacts all areas of a person’s life, it will dramatically impact sleep quality. In fact, our sleep can intensify back pain and more back pain decreases sleep quality.

Lack of sleep impacts our concentration levels and can even leave us feeling depressed. Serious sleep deprivation can trigger more accidents at work and on the roads. And for those worried about their weight, a good mattress and quality beds could help as scientists have found poor sleep can leave us piling on the pounds.

We use a mattress in many different body positions. We sleep on our sides, backs, and in between. Some parts of the body are bearing more weight than other parts of the body. A good mattress must be orthopedically sensitive regardless of where you sleep on the mattress surface or your sleep position. Good quality pure foam mattresses, especially which are made of memory foam distribute body weight evenly, giving complete cushioning and support we require during sleep. Pressure points on the body because of sagged mattress, the leading cause of a poor night’s sleep, are completely reduced. Pure foam mattresses allow air circulation inside have a lot of breathability which reduces sweating in nights, hence, our sleep is comfortable and undisturbed.

Another highlight of a good mattress is the Outlast fabric, originally developed for NASA astronauts and top athletes for keeping their body micro-climate constant, the outlast fabric utilizes materials that absorbs and releases heat for optimal thermal comfort thus regulating the body temperature. In short it acts like a thermostat which ensures that in whatever climate you are, your sleep is undisturbed.

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Choosing the type of mattress is a personal choice, broadly comfort can be classified into three types, viz-a-viz soft, medium and firm. Indians mostly prefer firmer mattress, but ideally you can go for the medium variety as these give optimal cushioning and support to your back and other parts of the body. It is, therefore, necessary to buy a mattress with both optimal cushioning and support. The mattress should not sag within few years of usage.

Though comfort and support is personal, it generally defines one’s lifestyle and body weight. The mattress, in order to be proportionate to our body and to offer 100 per cent comfort, must be 20 cm longer than our body length and at least 160 cm wide if two people are sleeping on it.

For those with impaired immune systems with symptoms ranging from a common headache or joint ache, to unexplained rashes, eczema, nosebleeds, dizziness ,even severe migraines, arthritis, ringing in the ears, nausea and more, should opt for a hypoallergenic mattress in which the materials and constant transpiration of the mattress ensure its suitability even for those who suffer from allergies.

A good quality mattress is not just important for good sleep but also positively affects our health. International brands like Magniflex have done extensive research to tailormake mattresses for Indian backs. These mattresses are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, internationally certified and therefore right choice for our well being.

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