Majority of Americans support drone strikes in Pakistan: Survey

drone strikes in Pakistan

WASHINGTON: (TIP) Nearly 60 per cent of Americans support the country’s policy of carrying out drone strikes against militants in Pakistan, according to a national survey.

The Pew survey, released on May 28, stated that while 58 per cent Americans approve of US drone strikes to target militants in countries such as Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, about a third (35 per cent) disapproves such attacks.

The survey was conducted between May 12-18 based on telephone interviews with around 2,000 adults living in all 50 US states and the capital Washington.

It stated that the public opinion about US drone strikes has changed only modestly since February 2013, when 56 per cent approved of them.

Compared to the 74 per cent Republicans who favour the drone strikes, only 56 per cent independents and 52 per cent Democrats support them, the survey said.

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While men approve of drone attacks by more than two-to-one (67 per cent to 28 per cent), the balance of opinion is much narrower among women.

Half (50 per cent) of the women approve of the use of drones, while 42 per cent disapprove them, it said.

The survey also found that a majority (56 per cent) of the Americans say the US has mostly failed in achieving its goals in Afghanistan, while 36 per cent say the it has mostly succeeded.

Also a declining share of Americans sees prospects for long-term stability in Afghanistan.

Just 29 per cent respondents say it is likely that Afghanistan will be able to maintain a stable government following the departure of US forces from the country.

More than twice as many (68 per cent) say this outcome is unlikely, the survey added.

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