Many Bangladeshis suspect Pakistan’s hand behind attacks on secular bloggers

DHAKA (TIP): With the recent killings of three secular bloggers in Bangladesh by fundamentalists, the country’s intellectuals here are suspecting Pakistan’s hand behind the brutal attacks and feel that an international intervention is required to ensure their safety.

“These attacks may be executed by radical elements here but the brain behind those attack is Pakistani establishment who have been vehemently opposing trials and sentences of war criminals,” said Imran H Sarkar, a leading blogger of the country, and one of the main architects behind the 2013 Shahbag protests. Bloggers, who have been constantly living under the threat of being killed by the fundamentalists, feel that Bangladesh government should be more proactive in stopping the attacks on bloggers and intellectuals of Bangladesh.

“Those attacks on bloggers and threats to liberal-minded intellectuals are a handiwork of Jamaat-e-Islami and other radical fundamentalist elements,” Sarkar said.

In the last six months, three bloggers were brutally hacked to death for being vocal against religious fundamentalism and demanding severe punishment for the war criminals of 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war.

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