Cops `forcibly’ take Maldives ex-president Nasheed to jail

MALE (TIP): Mohamed Nasheed has been forcibly taken back to jail by police, a month after the former Maldivian president’s 13-year prison term was commuted to house arrest, his party claimed on August 24, describing the move as “arbitrary and illegal”.

Nasheed’s party the Maldivian Dessmocratic Party (MDP) said policemen, without a court warrant forcefully entered his home on Sunday , breaking the main gate of the house and pepper sprayed those inside the house indiscriminately . The party strongly condemned Nasheed’s arrest by the Maldives Correctional Service and Maldives Police Service, calling it “arbitrary and illegal”.

The correctional service, however, said that the 48-yearold ex-president was “temporarily” transferred to house arrest for eight weeks due to health reasons -in accordance with his doctor’s advice to allow him to be in a “stressfree environment”. The eight weeks ended last Friday .

Nasheed was forced to resign as a result of a coup in February 2011.

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