423 criminals from India living in Britain

LONDON ()TIP): Around 423 criminals from India are presently living in Britain. Data revealed by Britain’s National Audit Office has shown that as of March 2014, 10,650 criminals from overseas have been living in UK. Shockingly, between January 2009 and March 2014, 151 foreign national offenders (FNOs) left prison without being considered for deportation. One in six FNOs in the community – 760 convicted criminals – had absconded with 400 of them had been missing since before 2010.

Around 58 of them have been classed as “high harm” individuals including rapists, murderers and pedophiles. Poland dominated the list of top 10 nationalities of foreign offenders living in UK – 898 followed by Ireland 778, Jamaica 711, Romania 588, Pakistan 522, Lithuania 518 and Nigeria 468. India stands next with the number of offenders living in UK increasing from 402 to 423 between 2013 and 2014. Figures from the Home Office show that there are more than 700 murderers and 500 rapists among nearly 12,000 foreign offenders in UK. The full list, entitled the Foreign National Offender Caseload include 775 murderers, 587 rapists, 155 child rapists and 15 convicted terrorists.

Also in the category of most serious offences are 99 other killers convicted of manslaughter and 228 paedophiles. The list also includes 88 criminals found guilty of attempted murder, 1,022 of serious violent assaults, 497 burglars, and 43 arsonists. NAO said “Removing FNOs from the UK continues to be inherently difficult and public bodies involved have been hampered in their efforts by a range of barriers, although poor administration has still played a part. The number and speed of removals can be restricted by law – typically the European Convention on Human Rights and EU law on the free movement of persons.” “Until recently, FNOs had 17 grounds for appeal that could delay removal.

Administrative factors also form barriers with some FNOs exploiting legal and medical obstacles to removal. Many overseas countries are unwilling to receive FNOs back home. However, lack of joint working and administration errors have often led to missed opportunities for removal.” Just over half of the 2,710 persons arrested for terrorism-related offences since September 11, 2001 self-declared their nationality as British or of British dual nationality (1,420, or 52%). Of the remaining persons arrested and excluding those who declared a dual nationality, the most frequently selfdeclared nationalities were: Algeria (156 persons), Pakistan (135), Iraq (117), Afghanistan (75), Iran (63), India (59), Turkey (50) and Somalia (49). The most frequent principal offences for persons convicted since September 11, 2001 under terrorism legislation were preparation for terrorist acts (25% of persons convicted), collection of information useful for an act of terrorism (16%) and failing to comply with duty at a port or border controls (12%).

In recent years the proportion of persons arrested who self-defined as either British or British dual nationality has been higher than the proportion since September 11, 2001. Of the 239 persons arrested for terrorismrelated offences in the year ending June 30, 2014, 181 (76%) self-defined as either British or British dual nationality.

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