Bo scandal: Doubts over UK businessman’s death arise

BEIJING (TIP): A Chinese forensic scientist has cast doubt on the official version of the death of a Briton, which triggered a huge political scandal, ending the career of senior Communist Party leader Bo Xilai. Forensic scientist Wang Xuemei told the BBC that there was little evidence to show that Neil Heywood died from cyanide poisoning in November last as stated by prosecution. Bo’s wife Gu Kailai got a suspended death sentence for giving cyanide to Heywood, who she said threatened her son’s security. “However, the account given in court of how Gu killed Heywood does not tally with cyanide poisoning,” Wang, who works for China’s top prosecutor’s office said. Cyanide would have caused lightning-fast asphyxia, spasms and a heart attack and turned his skin and blood bright red, which investigators would easily have spotted, she said. “A simple test for cyanide is also standard forensic practice in China, but none was presented in court.”

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