Boy discovers 3000-year-old bronze sword in China

BEIJING (TIP): A 3000-year-old bronze sword has been discovered in a local river by an 11-year-old child in east China’s Jiangsu Province. Yang Junxi discovered the rusty sword on July 2 when he was playing near the Laozhoulin River in Gaoyou County. While washing hands in the river, Yang touched the tip of something hard and fished out the metal sword. He took it home and gave it to his father Yang Jinhai. Upon hearing the news, people began flocking to Yang’s home, Jinhai said. “Some people even offered high prices to buy the the sword, but I felt it would be illegal to sell the cultural relic,” Jinhai told sate-run Xinhua news agency.

After considering his options, the father sent the sword to the Gaoyou Cultural Relics Bureau on September 3. The bureau arranged a joint team of local cultural relics experts to identify the sword. They identified sword’s material, length, shape and other major factors. Initial identifications found the 26-cm-long yellow-brown sword could be dated back to more than 3,000 years ago, around the time of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, said Lyu Zhiwei, head of the cultural relics office of the bureau. “There was no characteristic or decorative pattern on the exquisite bronze sword. Made in a time of relatively low productivity, its owner would have been an able man with the qualification to have such artifact,” he said.

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