Chinese general’s son gets 10 years jail for rape

BEIJING (TIP): A Chinese court has sent the teenage son of a Chinese military general to 10 years in jail for participating in a gang rape. The sentencing nullifies a recent out-of-court agreement reached with the rape survivour who agreed to “forgive” the perpetuators of the crime. The other four accomplices in the sexual attack were sentenced to between three and 12 years in prison, the court in Beijing said. The lawyer of one of the defendant recently said they had entered into an arrangement with the victim’s family, which accepted $450,000 and agreed to “forgive” the attackers. The accused’s father Li Shuangjiang is a famous military singer holding a rank equivalent to general in China’s army. The case has been in public limelight in recent months. It was seen as a case of extravagant and arrogant living standards of families connected to high offices. The boy and four other men were found guilty of raping a woman last February in a Beijing hotel, according to court authorities in the Chinese capital.

He had attracted controversy in 2011 when he and another teenager allegedly attacked a couple who had tried to block passage for their expensive cars. Both his parents are famous for singing patriotic songs. His father is dean of the music department in the People’s Liberation Army’s art academy. Reporting the trail, the Beijing News said that he “did not admit to the sexual assault and did not admit to a relationship, saying he was drunk and did not know anything” about what happened. The judgment was praised by large number of users of Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, who feared the court would accept the out-of-court agreement with the victim’s family and allow the attackers to go scot free. There are signs the authorities were mindful of the public criticism about the agreement that involved large sum of money, sources said.

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