Chinese man gets death for killing 6 upset over wife’s affairs

A Chinese man has been sentenced to death for killing six people after discovering that his wife had extramarital affairs with two different men. Shao Zonggi (38) had shot nine people using a semi-automatic rifle leaving six dead and the other three injured. He was found guilty in an initial trail in Yunnan province last January. His sentence has now been confirmed by a higher court.

The court on Monday awarded cash compensation of 604,000 Yuan ($98,000) to the people who survived the shooting. The shooting spree took place on the eve of the Chinese New Year in 2013. Shao killed of one of his wife’s lovers, his father, wife and child. The other lover survived along with his son and mother. Though enraged, Shao did not hurt his own wife. The court described the attack which took place in Tengcheng County in Yunnan province as revenge killing, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

Shao said that he would lodge an appeal against his sentence, Xinhua reported. He may have been encouraged to appeal in view of a judgement of the Supreme Court which overturned a death sentence against a woman who killed her husband after months of domestic abuse.

The woman, Li Yan, beat her husband Tan Yong to death in 2010. She complained that Tan was torturing her in different ways that included thrusting lighted cigarettes on her body for over a year since their marriage in 2009. Her story elicited widespread public sympathy over the Chinese Internet. But the Sichuan court initially rejected her appeal against a death sentence before the Supreme Court upheld it recently.

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