Chinese mistresses bringing down officials by exposing them

BEIJING (TIP): A 26-year-old mistress has put up videos and photographs of her paramour, a senior Chinese official, now sacked and facing official investigation. This is part of a rising trend of official probes spurred by revelations by former mistresses of officials. The pictures put up by Ji Yingnan, the mistress, showed her in a cinch with a senior official of the state bureau of archives, Fan Yue. She also revealed photographs of the couple on expensive shopping spree and splashing in private swimming pool. This follows the sacking of an energy official, Liu Tienan, in May, after his former mistress revealed details about how he defrauded banks of $200 million. Another official, Lei Zhengfu, landed in jail after sex tapes involving him and several girls were distributed over the internet last year. The government’s anti-corruption authorities have been encouraging mistresses of officials to come out with their secrets, and have often acknowledged their contribution. In the latest case involving Fan, the mistress said he was giving her $1000 a day for pocket expenses, and a luxury car. Ji told the media that she had initially approached anti-graft officials but got no reply. This is why she posted videos and photos of Fan on the internet. “I had no idea he was such a liar,” Ji, the TV presenter, told the Beijingbased Global Times. “He always promised to marry me and I always thought he would be my fiance, or even husband.”

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