Hong Kong tycoon removed from key post for backing protest

BEIJING (TIP): The Communist Party of China has kicked out a tycoon from its top political advisory body who criticized the chief executive of Hong Kong C Y Leung during the pro-democracy protest. Hong Kong-based James Tien (67) had demanded Leung’s resignation last week and seemed to support the protestors. Sources said Tien’s criticism exposed chinks in the government’s armor because he is the leader of the pro-Beijing Liberal Party which is publicly opposing the protesters.

Tien said he accepted the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference decision to expel him for telling a local radio station less than a week ago that Leung should consider resigning because he’s done a poor job of running the city. Tien told reporters he would also resign from his position as leader of Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing Liberal Party. The advisory body doesn’t have any formal power in China’s political system. embership is a sign of Beijing’s favor and an opportunity for high-level networking, sources said. The government has been backed by Hong Kong star Jackie Chan and Asia’s biggest magnet Li Kai Shing who advised the protesting students to return to their homes.

It earlier indicated it was blacklisting popular movie actor Chow Yunfat for criticizing the police decision to tear gas demonstrators. Celebrities who have backed the month-long protests include singer Denise Ho, actor Tony Leung and actor-singer Andy Lau. Hong Kong singer Anthony Wong personally joined the demonstrations. The street sit-ins in Hong Kong completed a full month on Wednesday with the students vowing they will battle it out for a year if their demand for full democracy was not met.

The government has offered to introduce adult franchise with voting rights for all citizens but said it will vet the candidates who stood for election to the post of the city’s chief executive. Protesting students have said it was a “fake democracy” as the government intended to put its own supporter in office.

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