India-US Relations

Dear Editor,
In my view because of India’s non-alliance policy towards America the US India relationship always at neutral level. During the past 45 years since 1968, many times Americans from the mainstream have asked me about the Hindu majority of India. There is so much information about Hindus of India, yet even elites of America remains relatively ignorant of majority culture of India.

Just for your information, Swami Shiva(Douglas Blue) of Ram Krishna Temple of Hollywood was trying to help me with my rent last week. My landlord, Dr. Otis Henise, asked him ” with which Christian Church do you belong”. Mind you he is a 79 year old retired dentist, three years of Air Force service, and a Ph.D. in Psychology from UT, Texas. Still he often addresses me as an “Indian without the feathers”, all be it teasingly.

He believes Rahul Gandhi is related to Mohandas K. Gandhi. This is this arrogance of Americans in general about Christianity, about being the policeman as well as the SAVIOUR of the Third World make India United States relationship unstable. Due to the outspokenness of educated Indians like myself and rise of American Indians of all religious backgrounds in the field of medicine, IT, business and even politics like the governor Bobby Jindal and Nicky Haily hopefully make us mainstream Americans and persuade American government to realize that good relationship with the largest democracy in the world is essential for global economy and survival.

We must all be bold and united as the Jewish American community and try to impress on the American media and public at large that we are very much like Americans despite our different outlooks on religion and the life itself. CNN is doing a good job through our distinguished reporters like Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Fareed Zakaria. Don’t you think so? Your publication is also a great medium of truthful information about India. Good luck and God Bless.

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