Iran salutes ‘nuke martyrs’

TEHRAN (TIP):Iran has created a new category of martyrs – nuclear scientists it says were killed by Israelis. And what better way to unveil this than at the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit. In the driveway leading to the media centre are the mangled remains of three cars, mounted on makeshiftstands. Iran accuses Israel of blowing them up toassassinate three scientists to derail its nuclear program.The scientists, Masouud Ali Mohamaddi, Majid Sheriyari and Mustafa Ahmedi, were killed Jan 12, 2010, Dec 29, 2011 and Jan 11, 2012, say banners attached to the stands. In two of the cases, the people arrested for the bombings confessed they had acted at the behest of theIsraeli secret service Mossad.

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