Julian Assange’s secret escape plan made public

LONDON (TIP): Julian Assange, who has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012 had plans to escape his asylum with the help of a fancy dress, it has been revealed.

Leaked documents have confirmed that growing pressure from US and the UK to lift their hand of protection from Assange and the whistleblower’s eccentric behaviour had forced Ecuadorian to draw up plausible and bizarre plans to allow him to leave the building and give the Scotland Yard officials standing guard outside a slip.

One of the possibilities looked at by the Ecuador officials was to dress him up in a disguise so that he could walk out of the building unnoticed.

A sudden dash into the nearly Harrods department store just a few yards away from the embassy was also an option.

Britain recently lodged a formal protest to Ecuador over the country’s decision to harbour Assange by giving him asylum in their embassy in London. The protest came days after Swedish prosecutors dropped their investigation into an allegation of sexual molestation and an accusation of unlawful coercion against Assange because they ran out of time to question him. Britain has spent £12 million since 2012 policing out the Ecuador embassy to nab Assange is he steps out. Britain is now desperately trying to get Ecuador to let the Swedish investigators to question Assange. Under Swedish law, charges cannot be laid without interviewing the suspect.

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