KUALA LUMPUR (TIP): A minister in Malaysia’s Kelantan state has suggested that a ‘mini’ guillotine could be used to amputate those convicted of stealing in the Muslim state, which is ruled by a fundamentalist party. The guillotine, similar to that used to behead French King Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette in 1793, is being considered by leaders of the state who are keen to implement Islamic Hudud law which seeks severe punishment for thieves and rapists, which include amputation. The fundamentalist Pan- Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) led state’s hudud law technical committee, said to be facing problems finding suitable methods to amputate limbs of those convicted of stealing, is considering this ‘mini’ form of the guillotine as an option. The party chairman Amar Abdullah said he would suggest to the panel to use such a contraption which would not need a surgeon to operate.

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