Mush escapes bid on life at heart of Pak

ISLAMABAD (TIP): Pakistan’s expresident Pervez Musharraf, 70, survived an assassination bid on April 3 as a powerful bomb went off along the Rawalpindi-Islamabad route which his convoy had taken minutes ago.

“The attack raises questions about the security provided to him,” his spokesperson Asia Ishaq said, adding that if anything happens to him, the government would be held responsible. This is not the first time Musharraf has been targeted. He escaped several attempts on his life when he was the president.

Since his return from exile in March 2013, the Taliban and al-Qaida had warned that they would be targeting him. On April 3, Musharraf was on his way back from a military hospital to his farmhouse in Islamabad’s suburbs when the bomb exploded. Police claimed that around 6kg explosives were used in the attack. But no casualties were reported.

A police officer said they were not informed about Musharraf’s travel to his residence. “The explosion had occurred at 2.20pm under a bridge at Faizabad intersection after Musharraf’s vehicle had passed the spot,” said Asia Ishaq, Musharraf’s spokesperson.

In April 2013, 45kg explosives were discovered in a car abandoned near his farmhouse when he was being taken back there after his appearance before an anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi. Last December, police found 5kg explosives, weapons and ammunition close to the route that Musharraf was due to take from his house to the court. Islamabad police chief warned terrorists affiliated with the Taliban and al-Qaida have planned to target the former president.

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