Pak political class shows division and denial over Peshawar massacre

NEW DELHI (TIP): The division and denial in Pakistan’s political class on terror was evident once again when former PPP minister Sherry Rehman said those engaged in the apologist narrative on terrorist attacks would be considered terrorists as well, and former president Pervez Musharraf and 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed blamed India for the horrific killing of 132 children in Peshawar’s Army Public School.

This was soon after a leading Pakistani security analyst Zahid Hamid tweeted, “India, we will NOT forgive you for this atrocity! You chose the day of December 16th to rub it in. We stand firm, united & will crush you!”

Joining Zahid Hamid’s tirade, Musharraf told media, “The Taliban commander was supported by Afghanistan and India to carry out the attack,” Musharraf told TV channels, adding that the perpetrators were trained by India. “Taliban’s commander was supported by Afghanistan and India to carry out terrorist attack in Pakistan.”

Saeed said in Lahore that India was behind the massacre and threatened to send terrorists to create havoc on the Indian soil. “If India can send troops to Afghanistan to help the US, then Mujahideen have every right to go to Kashmir and help their brethren. Kashmiris are clamouring for help and it’s our duty to respond to their call,” Saeed said.

A fortnight back, Twitter had suspended Hafiz Saeed’s account. He had then urged Pakistanis to help Kashmiris get “freedom” from India. Saeed’s JuD was declared terrorist organisation by the UN in 2008 and Saeed himself is a designated terrorist, and has a bounty of $10 million on his head. However, he roams free. And his Twitter account is back under a new account.

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