Paul Ryan Republican speech ‘contained errors’

Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan has come under fire for alleged inaccuracies during his convention debut in Tampa, Florida.

Mr. Ryan attacked the president for making cuts to the Medicare healthcare program, but did not say that his own budget plan includes the same savings.

He complained that proposals by a budget commission were not adopted, but did not mention he opposed its report.
Mr. Romney’s speech to the convention is the challenger’s biggest opportunity yet to make his case to the nation and is one of the set-piece events of the US election calendar.

He and Mr. Ryan will challenge President Barack Obama and his Vice-President Joe Biden on Election Day, 6 November.
In a barnstorming speech to a rapt audience, Mr. Ryan promised a “turnaround” for America and said Mr. Obama’s administration was tired and out of ideas.

The Wisconsin congressman said he and Mitt Romney would not duck the tough issues.
Mr. Ryan, who serves as chairman of the House of Representatives Budget Committee, is known as a leading Washington policy “wonk”, responsible for the budget plans backed by Mr. Romney and Republicans in Congress.
But fact-checkers listening to his speech on Wednesday night quickly alleged that he had been slack with his facts.
On a key area of debate, the future of Medicare, the government-run health program for over-65s, Mr. Ryan accused the White House of slashing $716bn (£450bn) from the much-loved scheme.

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But, amongst others, said Mr. Obama’s 2010 healthcare reform law does not cut money from Medicare, but simply reduces the growth in spending on the scheme in an effort to keep it solvent.
In addition, Mr. Ryan – who described the Obama plan as “the biggest, coldest, power play of all” – failed to note that he proposed virtually the same cuts in his own budget plans.

He accused the president of “political patronage” via his $800bn stimulus plan, passed in 2008. However, he neglected in his speech to mention that he sought to procure stimulus dollars for energy firms in his home state of Wisconsin, the Associated Press notes.

The vice-presidential hopeful was also accused of misleading his audience over the timing of the closure of a GM plant in his home town of Janesville, Wisconsin.
That statement earned Mr. Ryan a “false” rating from, having failed to note that the plant closed under the previous administration of President George W Bush.
The Obama campaign released a web video on Thursday highlighting Mr. Ryan’s contentious statements, and dubbing him the “wrong choice for the middle class”.

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