‘Rambo’ kills 3 in Canada, updates FB while on run

Amanhunt is under way in the Canadian city of Moncton after a gunman shot dead three members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and left two others injured. Residents of Moncton, a city of about 69,000 people around 95 miles (150 kms) northeast of St. John, New Brunswick, have been warned to stay inside and lock their doors after a man identified as Justin Bourque, 24, went on a shooting rampage shortly before 19.20 local time (22:20 GMT). The Royal Canadian Mounted police tweeted an image of the suspect wearing military camouflage and wielding two guns. Police in New Brunswick also confirmed on their Twitter feed that three officers had been killed and that two others had sustained “non-life threatening” injuries.

Dramatic footage of what appears to be the shooting has also appeared on Thursday showing residents hiding in their houses as they watch a gunfight between police and the shooter. People are shown shouting and screaming as shots ring out on the street outside. Police road blocks have been set up in the area and drivers told to stay away. In a macabre twist to the story a Facebook page, which appears to belong to the suspect, was active shortly before and during the city-wide manhunt. A post written 11 hours ago by Justin Bourque from Moncton featured the lyrics to the Megadeth song ‘Hook in Mouth’.

“Don’t try to fool us, we know the worst is yet to come. / I believe my kingdom will come,” the Facebook user wrote. The account profile features a picture of two men holding rifles and standing in a wooded area and posts on the site make repeated reference to the right to bear arms and weaponry. Bizarrely the Facebook user appears to have added two new friends to his account whilst on the run from police.

Meanwhile, a former colleague of the alleged gunman has described how he “wanted to go out with a bang and bring people with him”. Caitlin Isaac, who according to Business Insider, worked with Bourque at Walmart said Bourque wanted to “give people something to remember him for”, and “always had a problem with authority”. She claims he was fired from his job for “attitude related issues”.

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