Scotland Yard Recovers Stolen Hindu Jewellery

LONDON (TIP): High value jewellery and ornaments, possibly smuggled out of India, have been seized by Scotland Yard in an investigation into stolen goods. The Yard on Thursday put out an appeal to owners to claim the precious goods. The fact that the police are unaware of who these belong to has raised suspicions that these may have been imported illegally. The haul include a jewel-encrusted gold ring in the shape of an owl, a statuette of Ganesha, said to be of silver or platinum, and coins featuring Hindu images. Scotland Yard’s inquiry, codenamed Operation Maxim, recovered the valuables from addresses in London. But it said, “It is believed the items were stolen from homes across the UK.” Operation Maxim’s detective sergeant Ian Gibson said, “Many of these items are unique. Some feature engravings of names and what we believe is Hindi (perhaps Sanskrit) script. There are a number of items, featuring Hindu and other religious imagery.” He added, “…We suspect that these are family heirlooms or ceremonial pieces, and that they will hold sentimental value for the owners.”

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