Suicide bombers may have been behind Xinjiang blast

BEIJING (TIP): Two of the three people killed in a bomb explosion at a railway station in China’s Xinjiang province were terrorists who triggered the blast, officials said indicating they may have been suicide bombers.

The Xinjiang regional government said the two slain attackers had “long been influenced by extremist religious thought and participated in extremist religious activities”. One of the two suspects was Sedirdin Sawut, a 39-year-old man from Xayar County in southern Xinjiang.

The third person killed at the Urumqi railway station on Wednesday evening was a bystander. The government said the terrorists went on a knifing spree and triggered the explosions wounding 79 people as well. The bomb attack was the first in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang region, in 17 years. It came soon after the arrival of a train from a mainly Han Chinese province, state media said.

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