To find a jab for radiation, Israeli prof poisoning self

FUKUSHIMA  (TIP): A retired Israeli medical professor thinks she has discovered a meth od for vaccinating against the effects of a nuclear fallout, and has been slowly poisoning herself in a bid to prove it.

Professor Brenda Laster’s theory , tested only on herself and mice, is that the body can be taught to react to radiation in the same way traditional vaccinations can teach it to react to diseases.

Studies from Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters have shown that high doses of radiation cause the body to produce large and ultimately fatal quantities of hydrogen peroxide. But experts say that less research has been done on lower doses of radiation.

Laster believes that delivering the body small doses of hydrogen peroxide over a long period of time would teach it how to respond in the event of a much larger attack. She said she had documented “an immune response” in mice three weeks after they began drinking water laced with hydrogen peroxide.

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