When it comes to food, more often than not, presentation scores over all other factors. While investing in the latest crockery is always good, one can also try to re-use some old kitchen ware in novel ways. Jam jars — which have become popular with chocolatiers, barmen and chefs — are one such option. Instead of discarding old jars, store them and serve your guests a surprise treat, be it at a kitty party, drinking session or even after a lavish dinner spread. Take a cue from some of the prevalent presentation styles in top restaurants in the world, and woo your guests with these tricks…

For coolers and cocktails

With the summer sun showing no respite, coolers and cocktails are a good solution to beat the heat. When serving up a drink, use a jam jar instead of boring glasses. Remember, though, that you also need to spruce up the presentation. When serving something as simple as lemonade or orange juice, place a slice of lemon or orange on the rim. You could also season the rim with either rock salt, chilli powder or chaat masala to give your drink an edge.

For desserts

When you’re serving baked or set desserts like pannacota or mousse, you could use a small jar instead of a bowl. To add a little texture to the dessert, add some cookie crumbles, nuts or chocolate chips at the bottom. With bakers and chocolatiers also taking to the cake in a jar concept, you could try your own little variant when you’ve guests over. Put some crushed brownies, chocolate bits, raspberry and chocolate syrup, cookie crumble and even some ice cream and in a jar. When you’re ready to serve the dessert, place it the microwave for a minute. You could serve your guests an interesting gooey, chocolatey mix that will leave them asking for more.

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