Ambassdor, Permanant Representative of India to the United States

Asoke K Mukerji,
Iam delighted to learn that the Indian Panorama is bringing out a special publication to mark India’s independence Day. On this occassion it would be fitting to recall te unique contribution of Mahatma Gandhi and his colleagues in India’s freedom struggle, which culminated on 15th August 1947 in India’s first independence Day. The task of nation building that we have embarked upon since 1947 has been one of the most ambitious in human history.

Through a parliamentary democracy, based on the provision of the Constitution of India, we have moulded the India of the 21st century, which is already among the top five economics of the world, and has a special role to play as a knowledge based power. The values bequeathed to us by our culture and civilization have played a major role in ensuring that our focus remain on equitable socio-economic growth, which is sustainable and inclusive. On this occassion, I extend to all readers of the India Panorama my best wishes.

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