Arvind Kejriwal’s thinking has changed, says Kiran Bedi

New Delhi (TIP): Questioning the need for the anti-corruption movement turning political, activist Kiran Bedi on September 20 alleged that Arvind Kejriwal has changed his stand on the question of the movement’s character and not Anna Hazare.

She said Hazare can unite all movements across the country and put pressure on political parties on the issue of corruption and bringing of a strong Lokpal bill.

“What is the compulsion to float a party,” asked Bedi, who sided with Hazare on the issue of staying apolitical and continuing with the movement.

Hazare parted ways with the Kejriwal-led group which is planning to form a party to fight corruption. She said she will “never go political”.

“There is no change in Anna’s thinking. Arvind’s thinking has changed. May be, Arvind’s vision on movement might have changed. He might be thinking that enough is enough. It could be his thinking. I respect it. Anna has not changed but Arvind has changed his thinking. That’s the difference,” she said.

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She said there was no split but instead the new move will bring more strength.

“Arvind will form a party and bring clean people. The movement will continue and their party will also be there. Now you have strength from two sides. However, a movement cannot be a party and a party cannot be a movement,” she said.
On Wednesday, Bedi had tweeted, “Feel Anna was being expected to support political option when he was never inclined. Was it a case of misjudgement on the part of some?

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