NEW DELHI (TIP): Defence Minister Arun Jaitley on November 7 said the government is working towards an early completion of 22 border roads prioritised by the Army. The government is intensely monitoring the road projects entrusted for speedy completion with the Border Roads Organisation, Jaitley informed the Parliamentary Consultative Committee on Friday. The 22 road projects were among the 73 Sino-Indian border roads running a total length of 3,812 kilometres which the government had identified almost a decade ago. However, a mere 17 of them covering 590 kilometres were completed, as a series of bottlenecks crippled the progress of other projects. Director General of BRO Lt Gen AT Parnaik told the panel that the projects were hit by delays in getting forest and wildlife clearances, trying terrain conditions, hard road structures, extreme weather conditions limiting the working periods, paucity of construction materials and natural disasters.