Modi will remain BJP’s PM candidate: Rajnath Singh

NEW DELHI (TIP): Narendra Modi will remain the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, irrespective of how many seats the party gets in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, BJP president Rajnath Singh said on December 4. “It doesn’t matter how many seats BJP gets, 170 or 120… Narendra Modi will remain our party’s PM candidate,” Rajnath Singh said at a session at Agenda Aajtak 2013. Rajnath Singh brushed away the controversy of snooping on a young woman by Gujarat Police.

Asked who was “saheb”, the Bharatiya Janata Party president said: “In normal conversations, ‘saheb’ is a common word. It could be anybody.” “The Congress’ dirty tricks department is trying to malign our PM candidate,” he said. He also said that party patriarch L K Advani was never angry with Modi’s ascension as the prime ministerial candidate because the party’s structure has always depended on consensus.

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