PUNE (TIP): Social activist Anna Hazare said here on November 20 that he wrote to Arvind Kejriwal only to seek information on the use of funds collected during the anti-corruption movement, and not to question his integrity and honesty. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday at Ralegan Siddhi Anna said, “We have differences and but no dispute or enmity. I wrote a letter to Arvind regarding funds because I am very alert and particular when it comes to money matters.

My intention was not to make any allegation against Arvind.” He added, “Arvind is an honest and a non-corrupt person with a good character. However, I have my own stand when it comes to political parties. I cannot support Arvind as he is a member and candidate of a political party. But this does not mean that I am accusing him and making allegations against him.” Anna Hazare and his staff at the Hind Swaraj Trust in Ralegan Siddhi have also refuted Arvind Kejriwal’s claims that ‘intermediaries’ were blocking communication between the two. “My doors are open to everyone and hundreds of people meet me every day.

They can directly approach me and there is no question of intermediaries,” Hazare told Kejriwal’s supporters, who met him late Tuesday night. Kejriwal had earlier said that he had tried to speak to his ‘guru’ (Hazare) several times, but ‘intermediaries’ prevented him from speaking to Hazare. Hazare’s staff members at the trust’s office, who handle Anna’s daily communication, said Kejriwal has made no effort to contact Anna in the last few days. Another staff member said workers of the Aam Aadmi Party were regularly meeting Anna and no one had stopped them.

“In fact, more and more workers of the party have been meeting Hazare over the last few days. His staff has no say in his meetings with people. Some members of the party from New Delhi had come to Ralegan Siddhi recently. They wanted Hazare to issue a statement supporting Kejriwal, but he turned down their request,” he added.

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