Rahul Keeps Heat on Modi

PALANPUR (TIP): Continuing his veiled attack on chief minister Narendra Modi, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi said only one man is shining in Gujarat while others have been rendered insignificant. Unperturbed by Modi’s attacks on him, the Congress leader told a public rally in Palanpur that the youth is being suppressed in Gujarat . “You are being told that only one person is working and taking the state forward while in reality you are the ones sweating it out. According to him, all others are not doing anything,” he said.

Rahul pointed that a good leader is the one who listens to the people he represents and makes their desires his goals. “But, here the common man’s voice is not being heard. It is being suppressed,” he said. The scion of the Gandhi family raised the issue of RTI and its implementation in the state. “In Gujarat people do not get replies to RTI applications as there is only one man who receives these applications and decides on the replies .”

Raising the issue of appointment of a Lokayukta in the state again, he said the BJP was not interested in addressing corruption and is not allowing the Lok Pal bill to be passed in Parliament. He also attacked the Modi-led government for cutting short the days of assembly proceedings. He said the state has made history by letting the assembly function for just 32 days a year, and those who opposed this were expelled from the house. Rahul also lauded the entrepreneurial skills of the youth of Gujarat and said that they are even contributing to the economy of Belgium and making that country prosperous. He said the diamond business has thrived in the state since the days of their forefathers and not because of one man.

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