Teenager ‘gunned down his dad’s alleged killer in Bollywood-style revenge courtroom slaying

Plan: Sagar Malik (right) is said to have carried out the killing to avenge the death of his dad, Amitabh (left)

In a scene akin to a Bollywood movie, Sagar Malik, 17, is said to have hatched a revenge plan after his dad, Amitabh, 57, was found dead two years ago.

The older man was discovered beaten to death at his home in Muzaffarnagar, India.

Malik reportedly tracked down and shot a man he held responsible for his dad’s murder, after linking the crime to a local mob boss, Vicky Tyagi, 38.

He was arrested and taken to a juvenile detention centre, where he was informed by his fellow inmates that his father had in fact been killed by Tyagi personally.

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When he found out the crime boss was going on trial for the murder of a policeman, he escaped and went on the run until the day of the court appearance.

He’s then said to have carried out the revenge slaying.

A police spokesman said: “This was a well-planned and well-thought out execution.

“He managed to get a lawyer’s uniform and on the day of the trial walked into the courthouse completely unchecked.

He then sat in the courtroom and waited for the accused to appear before pulling out a .30 bore pistol and shooting the accused 17 times.”

On hearing gunshots, police stormed the courtroom, where they say they found Tyagi lying in a pool of blood with Malik standing over him.

The spokesman added: “He didn’t resist arrest and when questioned told officers he had done it to avenge his father’s death, believing the accused was the man responsible.”

Malik has been taken back to the youth detention centre where he will be kept under tight security while police and prosecutors decide the next step.

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