KOLKATA (TIP): Mercedes-Benz India will launch the much-awaited compact sedan CLA on July 22. This is the third new generation car to be launched in India after the A Class hatch and B Class tourer. The three-pointed star will unveil the CLA 45 AMG, the premium-priced performance variant, before introducing out the regular compact sedan at a later date. To introduce India’s first compact performance sedan, an important first for Merc, the company is rolling out the ‘Ah My God’ communication campaign, its first-ever Indiaspecific television commercial.

The campaign is conceptualized and produced by Mercedes-Benz’s digital agency, CreativeLand Asia. Globally AMG is synonymous with high performance motoring and cutting edge technological innovations. The Mercedes-AMG brand is the undisputed leaders in racing circuit and the current F1 success is a tribute to the brand’s prowess in performance motoring. With the launch of the CLA 45 AMG, the brand intends to open up to new target groups and reach-out to more people. In order to connect with a larger audience, AMG brand is being communicated in a simple and relevant manner.

This communication has been done by connecting AMG with a creative expression: ‘Ah My God”. This is the feeling that current owners or brand enthusiasts get when they get inside an AMG car. Mercedes-Benz will introduce its fourth new generation car, the compact sedan, later this year. With its enhanced portfolio, the company intends to take on rivals Audi, BMW and Jaguar and emerge ahead of the pack next year.

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