3-year-old becomes mayor of US town!

CHICAGO (TIP): A 3-year-old boy in the US has become the youngest mayor of a small US town and has been advised by his elder brother who has held the post previously to be nice and “no poopy talk”.

James Tufts, 3, was elected as the new mayor of Dorset — the youngest mayor to lead the small tourist town in northern Minnesota.

The spunky redhead was sworn into the ceremonial role on August 2 during the town’s local food festival. His brother Robert Tufts served two terms when he was 3 and 4, his proud family said.

“He (James) kind of fell into it. He went with his brother to shake hands with him and talk to people. He would introduce himself as the mayor when he wasn’t. He would tell people he was the vice mayor depending on how he was feeling. That’s just what he wanted to do,” his mother Emma Tufts told the New York Daily News.

Dorset, which has 22 residents, elects a mayor each year by picking a name out of a hat filled with $ 1 ballots purchased and filled out by voters.

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James’ first matter of business was passing out four free ice cream cones.

Next on the agenda, James said, was to “give presents to kids when they’re sick at the hospital.”

“I wanted to be the mayor so much. It’s pretty awesome,” James was quoted as saying.

He hit the campaign trail running, with Robert, who taught him how to shake hands and look voters in the eye.

Robert, who was two days older than James when he was first elected, is pleased that his brother is following in his footsteps and becoming the face of town.

The little lawmaker is also starting his new job with support and some sage advice from Robert who has told him to “be nice and no poopy talk.”

His mother said the “fiery” kid has exactly what it takes to be a leader.

“He’s determined. He’s pretty set in his ways. He’s not persuaded easily,” she said.

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